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The background to its composition

The sudden, tragic death in 1997 of the charismatic Diana, Princess of Wales (a vibrant beautiful young woman trapped in a very difficult personal situation) undeniably affected a vast number of people all over the world. It was an event which, says Keith Hearne, also affected him and influenced him profoundly enough to compose this ballet. He points out that the underlying subject of incompatibility is a common human condition, at many levels, and can often lead to serious consequences. The ballet is also, then, on a topic that is relevant universally.

Musical friends in Moscow heard the original synthesised version and encouraged the composer to get the work recorded with an orchestra. Wonderfully, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra obliged.

The composer is now seeking sponsorship so that the ballet can be staged, and toured around the world. Conductor Sergey Kondrashev and the ballet dancers of the Bolshoi are keen to be involved in the project.

The story in the ballet

The ballet depicts the story of a girl who marries a Prince of Tradition. She becomes the Princess of Modernity. However, her modern attitudes clash with those of the Prince. The girl will not conform to the expected role, the Prince does not change, and so the inevitable break-up is enacted – followed by unexpected tragedy. Within the ballet, many different situations and emotions are expressed – among them love, romance, humour, insecurity, ambiguity, anger, and sadness. The Princess’s love of children, especially her own, is reflected in some poignant pieces.