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European College

Keith Hearne is Principal of this private college, teaching hypnotherapy.
Also at this site is information about his researches, including published scientific papers etc. His 1978 PhD text & diagrams will appear on the site soon.
Foulsham Publishers

Keith Hearne is co-author of a seminal book concerning dreams, titled The Dream Oracle. It introduces a completely new technique for obtaining important information from the unconscious, via dreams, yet not requiring interpretation. The technique employs a revolutionary ‘alphabet-code’ method. (Melbourne & Hearne)
The Science Museum

Keith Hearne conducted the world’s first research into ‘lucid’ dreaming for his PhD at Liverpool University, and invented the world’s first ‘dream machine’. His original chart-records of ocular signalling from a lucid dream, and dream machine are on permanent display at the Science Museum in London.


BBC item (in Russian)

Here is a recent news-item about the ballet, in Russian.